The probiotic skincare revolution

Nutritional cosmetics are a large and strongly growing segment of the personal care market. Over the years, more scientific evidence has emerged that probiotic bacteria have a positive effect on the skin, both from oral and topical applications. In times of urbanization, with increased stress levels and a seemingly growing number of negative environmental influences, such as pollution, people are more and more concerned about keeping their skin healthy. They understand the need and the advantages of “feeding” the skin with beneficial probiotic ingredients from cosmetic skincare formulations.

CLR started research on probiotic lysates and their positive effects on skin 40 years ago, and continues to do so until today. Probiotic active ingredients from CLR combine effectiveness, science and biomimetics with biotechnology, sustainability and naturalness. They are the perfect choice for a wide variety of skincare concepts with a focus on skin health and wellness.

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Active Beauty

An active lifestyle including exercise, balanced nutrition and stress management, are key factors for consumers to keep body and mind as healthy as possible despite their busy life. Keeping things in balance is the target. This also goes for the skin. For balanced skin with a healthy appearance, it’s important to maintain skin’s essential functionality and to protect skin against external stresses. Consumers with an active lifestyle have high expectations. They are short of time and result-driven. Ingredients for an Active Beauty concept need to be highly effective with fast and proven results.

CLR offers a wide variety of active ingredients to perfectly support active consumers in what they do, offering to them solutions for their pre-workout, work-out and after-workout.

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A presentation on this concept is available in the download area or can be requested from your local distributor.

The improved view on skin aging

Population is aging rapidly and attitudes towards aging are changing. Awareness concerning the negative impact of pollution, stress, UV-light, etc. on overall health and skin appearance is rising in general. Consumers increasingly adopt a more preventive approach to skin aging with a focus on overall skin health and wellness. Nowadays, anti-aging skincare is more than treating wrinkles. Consumers are looking for multi-protection products, which also include moisturizing, evening skin tone, improving texture and skin brightening.

CLR offers a wide range of high effective active ingredients to protect skin and maintain skin’s functionality for a healthy and youthful appearance.

A presentation on this concept is available in the download area or can be requested from your local distributor.


Face masks are well-known, and have been a worldwide trend for the last years with innumerable innovative formats, such as sheet masks, peel-off masks and even bubble masks. Nowadays multimasking looks to be a big hype.  But why is multimasking that popular? Every part of the face has different needs. The T-Zone is oily and impure, the cheeks are dry and the eyes need a sensitive treatment. To match the different needs, different products are used for each area. For one Multimasking treatment consumers use 3-5 different masks.

Please find below inspiring formulations with CLR ingredients for a full range of multimasking treatments.